Eating Wheat Sourdough is Good For your Body

Eating Wheat Sourdough is Good For your Body

We love sourdough but did you know it is actually good for you too? Our sourdough cob ( the blue one ) is a wheat bread. We are going to break it down and tell you how exactly it can benefit you.

1 – It contains more nutrients. Wheat sourdough bread, creates antioxidants and has a lower content of phytates (which block absorption), is characterised by better availability of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and B vitamins.

2 – Sourdough has a lower glycemic index than conventional bread. Many conventional breads can cause blood sugar levels to spike quickly, leaving you with an energy crash soon after consuming it. However, because of the fermentation process used to make sourdough bread, many of the sugar and starches in the flour are broken down and eaten up by the natural yeasts so there is much less left in the baked bread than in a conventional loaf. That means sourdough’s glycemic index- that means the number given to foods that measures how the carbohydrates affect the blood (glucose) sugar levels is LOWER. Rather than having your blood sugar levels to spike when you eat sourdough bread – IT WILL REMAIN STEADY- and so will prevent an energy crash. This type of bread is recommended for people who have problems with impaired glucose regulation due to the lower glycemic index when compared to standard whole wheat bread.

3 – Sourdough bread is easier to digest!! Since the starter used to make the sourdough is rich in GOOD bacteria, when the sourdough bread dough is rising , the bacteria actually works to ferment the flour in the dough and pre digest it. That means by the time the loaf is baked and we indulge into a slice of it , the wheat is EASIER to DIGEST than conventional bread. So, if you have trouble digesting conventional bread, you might not have the same issue with sourdough bread.

4 – This is also an IMPORTANT FACT for those with GLUTEN SENSITIVITY. While sourdough does indeed still contain gluten and is not appropriate for those who are celiac, the fermentation process does BREAK DOWN SOME OF THE GLUTEN PROTEINS and makes it easier to digest than other gluten products.

Fresh sourdough bread

5 – Sourdough is good for your gut health! The sourdough starter that causes the sourdough bread to rise is full of living bacteria. DON’T BE ALARMED- it’s all good bacteria. Thanks to the fermentation process, sourdough bread contains probiotics which are a type of fibre which nourishes the beneficial microorganisms living in the intestines; improving the body’s immunity. The starter is rich in both prebiotics and probiotics. The probiotics don’t survive the heat of the oven while the sourdough bread is baked but the prebiotics do. The bacteria in our gut feed on these prebiotics and help produce nutrients for our bodies that lead to a healthier digestive system.

White sourdough cob from the Breadski Brothers

Stay happy and healthy with our sourdough cob. Find your nearest store here.

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