The Breadski Brothers specialize in a range of sourdough cobs. These include The Blue One – Normal Sourdough, the Red One – Seeded Sourdough, and The Green One – Spelt Sourdough. Freshly baked, straight out of the oven, and delivered to a store near you. There are many health benefits to sourdough over normal bread including high fibre, minerals, and vitamins content. It can aid with blood pressure, gastric problems, and more!

Spelt Sourdough Cob

Sourdough bread with the addition of spelt flour contains a higher amount of protein compared to regular sourdough cob. Spelt flour is…

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Sourdough Cob

Wheat sourdough bread, thanks to the lower content of phytates, is characterized by better availability of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc,…

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