How To Make A Grilled S’mores Toastie

How To Make A Grilled S’mores Toastie

We are combining the toastie and the Smore together. A smore was originally named the ““Graham Cracker Sandwich”.  It is “a sandwich of two graham crackers, toasted marshmallow and 1⁄2 chocolate bar”. It is now better known as a S’more coming from the words Some More.

However Graham Crackers can be very hard to find here in Ireland so the closest comparison we can find is a Digestive biscuit. 


  • Bread – We choose our Blue Sourdough Cob
  • Marshmallows
  • Dairymilk Chocolate
  • Nutella
  • Graham Crackers / Digestive biscuits



  • Butter the outside of each slice of bread.
  • Spread the other side with Nutella
  • Place the marshmallows on top followed by the chopped up dairymilk chocolate  or chocolate chips
  • Sprinkle on top the crushed up digestive
  • Close the sandwich and place in grill, sandwich press or into the frying pan. If you use the frying pan flip until both sides are golden brown. 


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