How To: Healthy Miso Spinach on Toast

How To: Healthy Miso Spinach on Toast

Break away from the usual avocado on toast and try this super healthy miso spinach recipe.

You can easily make this recipe vegan and use a dairy free butter. Alternatively, you can keep it vegetarian and bulk it up a bit by adding a poached egg on top. Mushrooms would also be a delicious addition to this recipe.

This dish is super easy to make and you will be sitting down to eat it within 10 minutes!

What is Miso?

Miso is a fermented paste that’s made of soybeans with a mold called koji. 

Its most popular use is probably the Japanese dish, Miso Soup. Miso is a household item in Japan. It gives a salty Umami flavour. 

Is it good for you?

Yes! To begin with it is rich in nutrients. 

1tbsp contains:

  • 30kcal / 128kj
  • 2.0g protein
  • 0.9g fat
  • 3.5g carbohydrate
  •  0.63mg iron
  • 0.49mg zinc
  • 5mcg folate
  • 1.37g salt

It promotes vitamin levels, containing a wide range of B vitamin levels. These B vitamins help support the nervous system. They can also boost your energy levels. 

It supports gut health. Due to the fermentation process, Miso contains high levels of probiotics. Probiotics help reduce inflammation, digestion and a healthy immune system. 

The probiotics boost your immunity and reduce the amount of harmful bacteria. It can also help you recover quicker from sickness. 

The link between the gut and the brain means having a healthy gut can support brain health. It may improve cognitive health such as anxiety and depression and improve memory. 

As you can see, Miso is great for your healthy but sometimes people struggle with how to incorporate it into their diet. Especially if they aren’t familiar with Japanese cuisines!

This is a super simple, quick and healthy way to get your intake of Miso. You can pick it up in most Asian food shops. We chose to go with Fused By Fiona Uyema White Miso Paste. 


  • Sourdough bread 
  • 2 tsp melted butter
  • 2 tsp Miso paste
  • 1 spring onion
  • 1 egg poached
  • 1tsp soy sauce


  • In a small bowl mix the butter and the miso paste. 
  • Add the miso paste to a heated pan, then add the spinach until wilted.
  • Then add a dash of soy sauce. 
  • Poach your egg and toast sourdough. 
  • Spread your miso spinach mix onto your toasted sourdough. 
  • Scatter the green onions over the mix and top it off with a poached egg. 


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