Brioche Burger Buns

Brioche Burger Buns

We supply our Glazed Brioche Burger Buns to Cafes and restaurants all across Ireland. 

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It’s made with butter, eggs, and milk. This makes it softer, moister, and richer than almost all other breeds.


Wheat flour, water, baker improver (sugar, wheat flour, wheat gluten, egg powder, whey (milk) powder). Salt, glucose, raising agents (diphosphates, sodium carbonates, calcium phosphates) powder egg white. emulsifier (s) (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, lecithin, esterified with mono and diglycerides of acid. Wheat starch, lactose (milk), processing agents (ascorbic acid). Colour: carotenes, flavour, stabiliser(s), guar gum, Oil (vegetable oil, soya), sugar, baker’s yeast, salt, baking improver.

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